Repenting and Doing the First Works – the Works Motivated by our Love for the Lord

The Lord’s word to the church in Ephesus in Rev. 2:1-7 is a warning to us all; after He acknowledged the many works, labor, endurance, and suffering that the church in Ephesus had, the Lord said He has one thing against her, that she has lost her first love, and therefore she had to repent, […]

Never Leaving our First Love for the Lord but Giving Him the First Place in all Things

The first epistle the Lord sent to the seven churches in Rev. 2-3 was to Ephesus, and He had only one thing against them, that they left their first love; therefore, they had to repent and do the first works – if not, He would come to them and remove their lampstand out of its […]

Being Saved from the Love of Money and Riches by Loving God and Serving Him Only

Pure commerce is the most evil thing on earth, and it will be fully judged by God as it consummates in Babylon the Great. The commercial mind in us needs to be exposed and removed by the Lord’s shining, and our heart need to love the Lord supremely and without any expectation for something in […]

working with the Lord by giving Him our first love and doing the first works

The work that the Lord considers precious and good is the work that comes out of our first love for the Lord. The seeker in the Song of Songs has passed through many processes and was transformed until she arrived to the stage where she tells her Beloved, Let us rise up early for the […]

what is God’s will for us as young adults? God’s will is One Person, One Way, and One Goal!

We recently enjoyed a sharing by brother Ron regarding God’s will – as young adults and as ones who are pursuing the Lord, we many times ask ourselves, we ask others, and we ask the Lord, What is God’s will for me? Usually we relate God’s will for ourselves – what is God’s will for […]