Having a Cloud of Witnesses Surrounding us, let us Run the Race to Win the Prize!

As believers in Christ, we are on the way – which is Christ, and we are running the race with endurance, being surrounded by a cloud of witnesses who encourage us in our Christian life. Hallelujah! Therefore we should put away every encumbrance and the sin which so easily entangles us, and run with endurance […]

Deny the Self, Take up Your Cross, and Follow the Lord by Exercising Your Spirit

When the Lord shows us what is the greatest hindrance to the building up of His Body, we will truly see what the self is and how much it frustrates the Lord in building up His church. Under the divine light, as the Lord exposes our self in all its activities, manifestations, and utterances, we […]

we pursue towards the goal in order to receive the reward, and we run the Christian race for the prize!

In our Christian life we are those who love the Lord and enjoy Him, focusing on the wonderful divine life in us. This is what we desire – to grow in life and mature in life. On the other hand though, as we see it in the Bible, we also want to gain the reward […]