Overcoming the Principle of Babylon by Taking Christ as our Burnt Offering Daily

The only way for us to overcome the principle of Babylon is by daily taking Christ as our burnt offering, for He lived a life that is perfect and absolutely for God and for God’s satisfaction, and He is such a life in us to enable us to have such a living. We first need […]

Being Salted by the Cross in our Prayer for a Pleasant Fragrance to Ascend to God

It is so sweet, calm, fragrant, and peaceful to see our wonderful all-inclusive Christ who was processed through incarnation, crucifixion, and resurrection to become the ingredients of both the anointing (as God reaching man to fill and saturate man) and the incense (as the Christ wrought into us ascending to God for His satisfaction). The […]

The Ingredients of the Incense typify Christ with His Death and Resurrection

As those who love God, seek Him, and desire to experience Him, we need to know what makes Him happy and how can we contribute to the fulfilment of His purpose. What is it that satisfies God’s heart and what contributes to the fulfillment of His purpose? It is Christ, but in a more specific […]

Being Poured out as a Drink Offering over the Building of God for His Satisfaction

It is a great blessing to read the Bible with “the glasses of God’s economy” on. When we read the account in Gen. 35 with Jacob going to Bethel, setting up an altar, calling on the name of the Lord, having the Lord’s speaking, setting up a pillar and pouring out a drink offering and […]

Laying our Hands on Christ as our Burnt Offering to be Identified with Him and Live Him

In looking into the matter of consecration we need to see that, no matter how much we love the Lord and pursue Him, we are NOT absolute for God and we are NOT fully consecrated to Him. There is only ONE Person that ever lived a life of being absolute for God and His purpose, […]

Daily Taking Christ as our Burnt Offering to Live a Life for God’s Satisfaction

After seeing a governing and controlling vision: the vision of Christ, the vision of the church as the Body of Christ, the vision of the self, and the vision of the world, this week we come to the vision of consecration. We may think we know what consecration is, but we need to be open […]

The Church as the Testimony of Jesus is the Firstfruits and the Harvest in Rev. 14

In the book of Revelation we see the consummation of all that God has been doing throughout the ages, and in it we see a revelation of Jesus Christ (the Word of God) and the church (the testimony of Jesus). The church as the testimony of Jesus is first revealed as being the seven golden […]