Praying over, Experiencing, and Carrying out our Divine Commission (Acts 26:18)

As those who live in Acts chapter 29 (the continuation of the book of Acts), we need to realize that we have been commissioned by the Lord to be His witnesses and ministers, those who open people’s eyes, turn them from darkness to light and from the authority of Satan to God, that they may […]

Preaching the Complete Gospel from Forgiveness of Sins to Living in the Body of Christ

Knowing merely that the gospel is the glad tidings saying that man has to repent and believe in Jesus to be saved from perdition – this is inadequate according to the standard set in the New Testament. The gospel as revealed in the New Testament is not a low or diluted gospel but it is […]

Different Aspects of the Gospel as revealed in the Four Gospels in the New Testament

The gospel is the greatest subject in the New Testament, and both the Lord Jesus and Paul spent a lot of time to proclaim the gospel. However, this gospel is not the diluted and low gospel one hears in today’s Christianity, such as “repent and believe in Jesus to go to heaven and be saved […]

In the New Covenant God Forgives our Sins and by No Means Remembers them Anymore!

This week we have been enjoying and diving deeper into the new covenant, which was prophesied by Jeremiah, quoted in Hebrews, and applied to us as believers in Christ today. The primary blessing of the new covenant is the imparting of the divine into us, which brings into us God’s life with the inner law […]

Christ came not to Judge Sinners but to Save them and Shepherd them for His Body

How we love our dear Lord Jesus, the good Shepherd who came not to judge or condemn sinners but to heal them, recover them, enliven them, and save them so that they would be His new and heavenly citizens for the kingdom of God! The Lord Jesus as the God-man was the only One who […]

Abel Believed the Gospel and Offered a Sacrifice to God for His Satisfaction

Abel, Enosh, and Enoch show us a practical way for us as believers to experience and enjoy Christ as our life and live an overcoming life. Specifically in Abel we see how he enjoyed Christ as his offerings for him to have a solid foundation to his living – today we need to wash our […]

the real gospel preaching is the speaking of the truth (see: blood and water, the double cure!)

Our daily and continual constitution with the truth and learning the truth by reading the Bible, enjoying the footnotes, reading the life-studies and the ministry books, etc will put a rich deposit of the divine truths into our being. Then, when we open our mouth to speak, we will tell others concerning the Triune God – the Father, the Son, and the Spirit – who is dispensing Himself into us – sinful, tripartite men – so that our sins may be forgiven and that we may receive God’s life and become sons of God who are being transformed to be the same as Christ is! Praise the Lord! [continue reading this portion online]