a trainee’s testimony – the full time training is the best place to be infused with God!

The life in the training is a practice of the kingdom life. I wasn’t bothered that much by the outward problems and difficulties that I faced, but I started to see my old man who is very active, wanting to fulfill God’s law. But I realized that only Christ can make it. I must be defeated and let Christ be victorious in me in every way [read online the sweet testimony of a trainee after his first semester in the FTTL, the Full Time Training in London, UK]

the full time training is for the building up of the Body of Christ! (short testimony)

Even though I was in the FTTL for a short period of time, I was brought into the realization of a lot of things. WE NEED TO BE TRAINED! After one month and one week of short term training, I realised that 2 years is definitely necessary. In the training, you are brought on the high mountain and you enjoy God’s presence and His infusion. Can you imagine – Moses went up to the mountain and stayed there to enjoy the infusion of the Lord for “JUST” 40 days, and this caused him to express the glory of God? What about being in God’s presence for 2 years? [testimony from a brother who recently joined the FTTL short-term]

being trained to be the 21st century Nazarites today(sharing from the University Training)

Praise the Lord for another year of the University Training in London. This year the brothers felt that it was altogether necessary to join the pre-training with the University Training, therefore, the University Training schedule for the first time was incorporated with the FTTL classes. This really gave the students a sweet foretaste of the […]

sharing from the full time training in London – learning to know the Lord and to depend on Him

The Lord desires that all men be saved and come to the full knowledge of the truth – for this, He may take “the long route” by training us daily and shepherding us every day to get into His Word, have set time with the Lord, and fellowship with the saints in the Body. With […]

testimony from the full time training in London – the bountiful supply of the Spirit and the supply of the Body!

It is indeed NOT A WASTE to give yourself to the Lord for at least these two years to be trained! The Full Time Training will definitely help you enjoy the Lord, turn to Him, and be dependent on the Lord and the Body. It is a privilege untold and a worthy sacrifice to waste […]

testimony from being in the training – give yourself to love the Lord and be in the Body!

What is the Full Time Training? In the words on the FTTL website, “Every Christian needs training. Without training, we will not experience and enjoy Christ’s riches in full. We also need training to function and serve the Lord profitably. The Full-Time Training in London provides a special opportunity to be trained to enjoy Christ, […]

some enjoyment from my first term of training in the FTTL(the Full Time Training in London)

Thank You Lord for Your mercy – I have completed the first term of the full-time training in London. It is really the Lord’s sovereignty that I could give myself to Him to be trained together with those who love Him in this wonderful environment. I have to say that my first term has been […]