Being the Ezekiels of Today to have the Heavens Opened and See Visions of God

This week we start our deeper study on Ezekiel, the crystallization-study of Ezekiel (part 1), and in particular we focus on Visions of God and the Unveiling of God’s Purpose and the Desire of His Heart. Ezekiel chapter 1 is the deepest chapter in the Bible, and if you read it you may not understand […]

Loving the Lord with the First Love, Being His Testimony, and Functioning as Priests

May we be those who are loving the Lord with the first and best love, those who are His testimony on earth today, and who function as priests in the church life! In His epistle to the first church, the church in Ephesus, in Rev. 2, the Lord appreciates some of the things she has, […]

Being those Functioning as Priests of the Gospel in the Church as the Body of Christ

The New Testament service ordained by God is that all His believers are priests to God to serve God with the offerings that He desires (Rev. 1:5-6; 5:9-10; 1 Pet. 2:5, 9). Today God does not desire physical sacrifices (such as lambs, bulls, pigeons, etc); He is delighted and satisfied with Christ, and we need […]

Lighting the Lamps in the Sanctuary signifies the Proper Way to Meet as Christians

The priests in the Old Testament did three main things: they offered the sacrifices (in the outer court), they light the lamps (in the Holy Place), and they burn the incense (in the Holy of Holies). Offering the sacrifices in the outer court was on the altar on behalf of the people; the people of […]

Being Recovered to Function as Priests for the Building of God’s House, the Church

The building of God’s house is related to the priesthood and depends on the priesthood. If we are enlightened by the Lord and have a clear view of the fact that all the believers in Christ are priests to God – the priesthood – then we will realize that the building up of the church […]