Cooperating with the Lord to Recover the New Testament Priesthood of the Gospel

We need to be one with the Lord and cooperate with Him to recover the New Testament priesthood of the gospel, bringing every member of the Body into function in his measure in the Body of Christ. The revelation in the Bible concerning us as believers and members of the Body of Christ has been […]

The Church is an Organism, so we all are being Perfected to Function in the Body

The practice of the God-ordained way to meet and serve comes out of our seeing that the church is an organism as a mingling of God and man, produced by the Triune God in his Divine Trinity. We thank and praise the Lord for showing us the light and revelation regarding the scriptural way to […]

Rejecting any Traditional Way and taking the Scriptural Way to Meet by Living in Spirit

For the building up of the Body of Christ, we need to practice the scriptural way to meet and to serve, and we need to give up and forsake any traditional way in Christianity which may still influence us. First of all, we need to realize that we are the Body of Christ, and together […]

God’s Final Recovery is the Testimony of the Reality of the Body of Christ Today

The tabernacle and the temple are the center of the Old Testament and the consummation of the New Testament, and both of these typify the church. First, it was the tabernacle, which was portable, movable, and transient; the tabernacle typifies God’s church on earth – the many local churches which are the expression of the […]

Having a Clear Vision of God’s Economy and being Governed and Directed by this Vision

In the Lord’s recovery today the Lord is recovering God’s economy, which is God’s eternal purpose and intention to dispense Himself into man to be man’s life and life supply for the producing and building up of the Body of Christ. The matter of God’s economy is in the Bible – the Old Testament saints […]

The Growth of the Body Depends on the Growth of God within us as Members of the Body

The Body of Christ is a living organism composed of the Triune God and His believers, and as such an organic entity the Body is built up by the growth in life of all the members of the Body. The church of God as the Body of Christ is NOT an organization of human beings […]

Jacob’s Prophesying with Blessing Concerning Issachar potrays the Church Life Today

Jacob’s prophesying with blessing concerning each of his sons is very significant, being fulfilled both in their life as tribes in Israel and in our spiritual experience today in the church as the real Israel of God. When he spoke of Judah, Jacob likened him to a lion who is victorious, gets the prey and […]