Going into the Presence of the Lord and Praying until we have His Leading where to go

We can never overstress the importance of being in the presence of the Lord and enquiring of Him concerning His leading in the matter of our participation in the Lord’s ultimate move; we need to go to the Lord and pray to have the Lord’s leading and follow the Spirit where He leads us. In the […]

just open to the Lord and pour out your heart to Him! (sharing from the yp conference in Poland)

[This is the second part of sister Debora L’s sharing from her topmost enjoyment in the recent young people’s conference in Lipowiec, Poland. Read the first part here – the creation as a picture of our need for growth in life (sharing from the yp conference in Poland)] What made a great impression on me […]

God ordained the plurality in eldership – not a single person leading and doing everything but plurality and leadership

This morning I was so much enlightened again regarding God’s ordination of the members in the Body. As believers in Christ, we are all simply “members of the Body” and that’s it – none of us is higher or lower, but rather we are on the same level. Just like in a family though, some […]