Come to the Lord in the Morning to make God Happy and Experience Mutual Happiness!

Why do we need to be revived every morning? We need to see that God has a desire in His heart, which is according to His good pleasure. No one loves being sad. Everybody desires happiness. God Himself has the greatest need for happiness. The question we should ask ourselves is: What makes God happy? […]

Coming to the Lord in His Word to make Direct Contact with Jesus in the Morning

One of the most valuable lessons I’ve learned in my experience and from more mature brothers regarding our morning time with the Lord is that in this time our emotions are really of no consequence. If we come to the Lord expecting to feel a particular way then we have missed the mark. We have […]

God’s Loving Visitation Shepherds us and Strengthens us to Walk in His Name

In Zechariah 10 and 11 we see how God in Christ comes to encourage us and shepherd us for the rebuilding of God’s temple. We are being encouraged to ask God for more rain, more blessings, even as He is happy with us. God is willing to bless us and shepherd us – let us […]

four crucial things we need to do in order to minister life to others in serving the Lord

How do we minister life to others? Is our life filled with purpose so that every word we speak ministers life to the ones around us? Or is our Christian life or Christian service like a firework – sometimes it is brightly shining and everyone is happy and amazed – and this shining is short […]