New Jerusalem is a Corporate God-man, the Consummation of the High Peak of Revelation

The consummation of the central vision of God’s economy and of the high peak of the divine revelation is the New Jerusalem (Rev. 21:2, 9-11); the new Jerusalem is a corporate God-man and the consummation of the high peak of the divine revelation. The central vision of God’s economy is the experience of Christ as […]

Since God Loved us and Selected us, we should Cast Ourselves on Him and Trust Him!

In the life of Jacob we see that he was chosen by God, dealt with by God, and broken by God so that he would enter into the reality of the dream he saw at Bethel in Gen. 28. First he saw the dream, and the dream of the house of God – God being […]

God specifically chose us, sealed us, and now He owns us! (2011 winter school of truth)

Doesn’t it feel good to know that you actually belong to Someone and that Someone actually cares about you very much? I have learned that when we believed in the Lord Jesus, the Spirit of God sealed us: this signifies that God is our owner and that we belong to Him! This can be related to: when a farmer wishes to seal his/her cattle so that the cattle then becomes the farmer’s property; therefore, an ownership is signified by the seal. Similarly, God is our owner and we belong to Him and only to Him! Because we have been sealed, we should bear the image of God and the expression of God. Praise the Lord, we want to SAY NO TO SATAN and SAY YES TO THE LORD! [continue reading this sharing from a sister who recently attended the Winter School of the Truth in London, UK]

God’s heart’s desire and His eternal purpose, His economy, are related to man!

From eternity past to eternity future, God was, is, and will be. He simply exists: He existed even before time began! But at one point there was a council in the divine Trinity – The Triune God took a decision, He had a counsel – He wants a corporate expression in this universe (Gen 1:26)! For this, […]

loving one another has a lot to do with our bearing fruit, which is our destiny

In John 15:16 the Lord told us that it wasn’t us who chose Him, but He chose us, and He set us to bear fruit – and that our fruit should remain! Our goal and our destiny, as branches in the vine, is to bear fruit! All we need to do is to abide in […]