God Intends to have the Church as the One New Man to Express Him and Represent Him

This week is our sixth and last on the topic of, The Genuine Church Life, and we are focusing on, Practicing the Church Life in the Consciousness of the One New Man. We need to see the church as the one new man and practice the church life with this consciousness. When we realize that […]

The Church, the Body of Christ, is the One New Man to Accomplish God’s Eternal Purpose

The church as the Body of Christ is the one new man to accomplish God’s eternal purpose. But what does it mean for the church to be the new man, and how can we experience this aspect of the church in our church life and even daily experience with the Lord? Can we say that, […]

God Intends that Man Would Subdue Satan and Recover the Earth Back to God

God created a corporate man in His image, according to His likeness, so that He may be expressed and represented by this man having dominion over all things (see Gen. 1:26-28). We are created in God’s image and with His likeness not to focus on our little self, our problems, our petty concerns, or our […]

God’s Purpose in Creating a Corporate Man is Fulfilled in Christ and the One New Man!

God did not create “many men” – He created one man, one corporate man, Adam, in which we all are included. If you read Gen. 1:26-28 and 5:2 you will see that God created one man, but this man is corporate, collective, since the pronouns, “them” and “their” are used to refer to the corporate […]