In our Spiritual Experience Mount Moriah Becomes Mount Zion, the Reality of the Body

The God of Abraham is our God, and Abraham’s experience of God needs to become our experience of God also. One of the deepest and highest experiences Abraham had of God was at Mount Moriah, where God instructed him to go and bring his son, Isaac, as a burnt offering to Him. God tested Abraham […]

Being Produced as Overcomers, the Eternal Mount Zion as the New Jerusalem Today

The New Jerusalem is not only the consummation of the city of God but also of the Mount Zion, the overcomers, who are the elevation and the beauty of God’s city. God’s pleasure, His desire, and His habitation is not only in Jerusalem but more specifically in Zion, the place of His habitation. Zion as […]

standing on the unique ground of the church for the Lord to gain His overcomers

In the Bible there is a very simple and at the same time very powerful principle related to the church: one city, one church – within one city there is only one local church. In the early days, the believers practiced it all the time – the practice of the church life after the Pentecost […]

the situation of the overcomers in Zion, the place where God is fully at rest

Psalm 132 is the praise of David in his going up to Zion concerning Jehovah’s habitation and rest in Zion. God desires Zion and He finds rest here, and David also desires God’s dwelling place! The place of God’s rest is Zion, the overcomers. There must be brothers and sisters in whose being Christ Himself […]

having a humbled heart and a quieted soul to become Mount Zion for God’s rest

In Psalm 131 we see the praise of a saint in his going up to Zion concerning his humbled heart and his quieted soul before Jehovah. In order for God to dwell in us and be at rest in us, we need to have a quieted soul and a humbled heart. He shepherds us continually […]

being the overcomers in the church for God to obtain Zion, His heart’s desire!

The Lord’s desire today is to obtain the Zion in Jerusalem, the overcomers in the churches, those who are ripened earlier for His satisfaction, those who will bring Him back. The Lord said He will return soon, but it has been over 2000 years since He ascended to the Father – why has He not […]

having the highways to Zion in our heart to be the overcomers who enter into God

We need to take a strong decision to be on the highways to Zion today – we need to pray that the Lord would produce us as His overcomers today! The Holy of Holies is Zion, the place where God is, His presence – and this is what we aim for! We are not satisfied to be “in Jerusalem”, in the general church life, but we want to be on the highways to Zion, on a journey toward Zion, by experiencing the Triune God internally for the Body of Christ in all His consummations! Today, in the church age, we need to be the God-men who are perfected and matured to be Zion, the overcomers, the vital groups within the churches. [read more online]