Our God is I AM WHO I AM: He is the Self-Existing and Ever-Existing Eternal One

Our God wants us to know who He is, and He wants to be our God and we His people; the most wonderful name of Jehovah God is “I am who I am”, the self-existing and ever-existing eternal One. We all derive our being from Him, we have breath because He simply is, and He […]

Faith makes us Pleasing to God, for Faith is to Believe that God is and We are NOT

Without faith it is impossible to please God, to make Him happy, for whoever comes forward to God must believe that God is; we need to believe that God is and we are not – this is the real denial of the self, and this is faith. All believers in Christ, those who had a […]

Faith is to Believe that God is and we are Not; we live in an Organic Union with Him

It is indeed wonderful, relieving, and liberating to realize that faith does not originate from us: we cannot manufacture faith, we are not supposed to “try our best to believe”, but we simply need to open to the Lord and spend time with Him in His word, and there will be a reaction in us […]

The Church is the Household of the Faith Composed of All the Believers in Christ

In the completing ministry of Paul we see many aspects and definitions of what the church is, and one of these is, the household of the faith. The church is the house of God and the house of faith. First of all, without faith it is impossible to be well pleasing to God, since if […]

The God who Called us is the Great I AM and He is the God of our Fathers!

The first aspect of God’s calling is that we need to see the vision of the burning thornbush, and the second aspect is seeing who God is and what God is. The God who calls us is the great I AM – He was, He is, and He will be. God is ever-existing, self-existing, and […]

the recovery of living a life of the altar and the tent in the church life today

When God appears to us, when we see Him face to face, something of God is being transfused into us – His element is now transfused into our being. Once this transfusion takes place, there’s something going on in us – the element of God is being infused into every part of our being! Before God appeared to us, we did not have faith or we did not even think of God and His purpose; but when He appeared to us, we have His element transfused into us and infused into every part of our inner being… Slowly, this element saturates us so that we cannot help it but believe! This is faith: the element of God transfused into use, infused into us, and saturating us! [read more online]