The Bible is a Building Manual, and We Can Cooperate with God for His Building

The Bible is a book of God’s building, with the first two chapters in Genesis giving us a blueprint of God’s building and the last two chapters presenting a picture of the finished building, while the rest of the book presents the process of the building. The first two chapters and the last two chapters […]

The Desperate Need to Grow in Life Unto Maturity for the Building up of the Body

This week in our enjoyment with the Lord in the morning we come to, Growing unto Maturity to Become the New Jerusalem as the Ultimate Consummation of the Church. We have to see that our desperate need today is to grow in life unto maturity for the Body of Christ to be built up. The […]

The cry of the Israelites was desperate, the eagerness of God was great, but the growth of Moses was slow(2011 Poland camp)

Though I must admit there were many things that touched me deeply during the conference time in Poland, it was these words that took root in my mind and caused the Lord to finally win in wrenching open my stubborn heart. They are simple enough, right? The cry of the Israelites was desperate and the […]

The New Jerusalem: God is building Himself into us and we’re built into Him(conference in London)

In the recent conference in London I really enjoyed the twelve points about the New Jerusalem. We need to see that the New Jerusalem is not a literal, physical, lifeless city, but it is a Person. We are becoming the New Jerusalem as the Lord prepares us to be His bride. Hallelujah, God is building […]