In the Church Life we Take the Lead to be Headed up in Christ by Growing in Life

God’s eternal purpose is to head up all things in Christ through the church, and we as the church need to take the lead to be headed up in Christ, so that through the church God will be able to head up all things in Christ. In this universe there was a universal rebellion which […]

The Triune God and Redeemed Humanity will be Mingled and Built up as New Jerusalem

It is absolutely amazing and stupendous to realize that God’s desire is to enlarge Himself in humanity to gain the Body of Christ, the organism of the Triune God, and we are members of this Body – we are the continuation of Christ, the reproduction of this wonderful One who is the mingling of God […]

The Body of Christ is the Enlargement of Christ, the Mingling of God with man

It is God’s mercy for us to see HOW does Christ build up the church as the temple of God, and to realize that He doesn’t need our “help” to build the church but He only needs that we LET Him build Himself into us to mingle Himself with us for the building up of […]

Letting Christ Build Himself into us and Build us into God by Abiding in the Lord

The Lord Jesus is the first One who mentioned the word “church” and He said, I will build My church (Matt. 16:18). The question is, how does Jesus build His church? Since He was the son of a carpenter, does this mean that He right now uses a hammer with nails and all kinds of […]

God became Man to make Man God for us to have a God-man Living as the Body of Christ

God has an economy, a plan, a household arrangement, in which He intends to dispense all that He is in His Divine Trinity into His people who are chosen and redeemed, so that He can be their life and nature and they would be the same as He is for His corporate expression. God’s economy, […]

A Priest is in the Process of being Mingled with God in his Daily Christian Life

According to the entire Bible, a priest is not one who mainly does things for God to serve Him but one who is absolutely and thoroughly mingled with God. When a priest entered into the tabernacle and passed through the Holy Place to enter the Holy of Holies in God’s presence, he was “smoked” with […]

Allowing God to Mingle Himself with us to be the Church, the Mingling of God and Man

As the Body of Christ, the church is the enlargement of Christ, the enlargement of the One who is the mingling of God and man. God’s purpose is to mingle Himself with His chosen people so that He would become their life, nature, and content, and so that they would become His corporate expression. The Lord […]