In God’s Sovereignty He Created us as Vessels of Mercy to Contain Him for His Glory

This week in our special fellowship concerning the world situation and the Lord’s move we come to God’s sovereignty, the divine history within the human history, and the world situation and God’s move to spread His recovery. We need to see God’s sovereignty; all the events of the world history have been sovereignly arranged by […]

Seeing a Vision of the Throne of God for His Administration throughout the Universe

As believers in Christ, we are living creatures who are learning to maintain a clear sky between us and the Lord, and above this clear sky there’s a throne – we need to see a vision of the throne of God for the divine administration throughout the universe. As we are learning to coordinate with […]

Seeing a Vision of God and His Universal Dominion: God is on the Throne Today!

Because Daniel was a faithful servant of the Lord, absolute for God, a prayerful person, and victorious, he was positioned to receive vision upon vision from God. The visions he received were not concerning small things but concerning God and His economy, including the earthly nations, the destiny of Israel (God’s chosen people), and even […]

Being Brought into the Realm of God’s Economy for Christ to be Our Everything

In this universe there’s a throne, the throne of God, and God sits on the throne administrating the whole universe. We need to be in spirit as the apostle John was, and we will see the throne set up in heaven (Rev. 4:2). Don’t believe what you see, and don’t think that man can do […]

The Heavens Rule – The Most High is the Ruler over All the Kingdom of Men!

These coming weeks we are getting into a crystallization-study of the books of Daniel and Zechariah, and this week particularly we will focus on an amazing topic, The Rule of the Heavens, the Economy of God, and the Excellent Christ as the Precious and Preeminent One in God’s Move. Wow! I am prepared to be […]