The Friendship of the World is Enmity with God; Consider God when Touching the World

We may not realize this in full, but the world today is something designed and systematized by Satan in order to usurp the people of God from enjoying Christ and from accomplishing God’s purpose. All the things on the earth – especially those related to us, the mankind – and all the things in the […]

The Church is the House of the Living God, the Household of God the Father

The completing ministry of Paul is a crucial part of the Bible. When the Lord Jesus was on earth, He spoke a lot of things and He revealed many mysteries, but He had much more to say; therefore, He continued to speak as the Spirit of reality through the apostles in Acts and in all […]

enjoying the Lord Jesus and partaking of Him at the Lord’s Table Meeting on the Lord’s Day!

The most important meeting of the week and the meeting you CANNOT miss is the Lord’s Table Meeting. Instituted by the Lord Jesus before His departure from the earth to be a replacement of the Passover and the real Passover (Luke 22:20; 1 Cor. 11:25), the Lord’s Table Meeting is for us to remember the […]

We need to know the crystallized significance of the Body of Christ – the church in the One God and Father of All

We need to know the crystallized significance of the Body of Christ, especially that the church is in God the Father(see 1 Thes. 1:1). Also, when Paul speaks about the church in Ephesians 4, he says in verse 6, One God and Father of all, who is over all and through all and in all. […]

Two Fathers in John 8 – The Father of Truth and The Father of Lies(light shining in the home meeting!)

Recently in a home meeting we were joined by a new one whose concept was that God is his Father through God’s creation of humanity. To answer his question / give a Biblical approach to this, we went to John 8 and we read through the whole chapter. It is quite startling that in this chapter […]

God as the loving Father is eagerly watching and waiting for us to return to Him…

“Maybe today he will come home” the rich father said to himself as he faithfully stood watching the horizon for any sign of his son’s return. Far away, the periodic sounds of hogs grunting and chewing on the carob pods was of no concern to a certain poor young man. It was the hunger pangs […]

the greatest wonder in the universe – man can be born of God and sinners can be made sons of God!

WOW! I love this wonderful delicious amazing and true quote from bro. Lee, Surely it is the greatest wonder in the universe that human beings could be begotten of God and sinners could be made children of God. How can this be? What is this? We, human beings, to be born of God? Even us, […]