the results of our deeper experience of God by dwelling in God as seen in Psalm 92

Psalms 90 and 91 show us a person who seeks to have a deeper experience of God by dwelling in God and taking God as his habitation. This person is Christ Himself – He took God as His habitation and He did everything in God, by God, and through God. By virtue of us being identified with Christ in the organic union with Him (1 Cor. 6:17), we also dwell in God and take God as our habitation. Psalm 92 tells us of many wonderful issues and results of our experience of God in a deeper way by dwelling in God and taking God as our habitation. [read more online]

being identified with Christ to dwell in God and see the extension of our days

There are so many wonderful things that we enjoy when we are in this sweet identification with Christ! Psalm 91 speaks of Christ, the One who lived a life fully one with the Father and took God as His dwelling place. In identification with Christ, we also are under the keeping care of the angels, and we tread upon the enemy Satan (see Psa. 91:11-13 and Matt. 4:6). The way we defeat Satan, the serpent that poisons God’s people and the lion that devours God’s people is by being identified with Christ! In Christ we overcome the enemy and we tread upon his head. [read more online]

the highest and fullest experience of God is taking God as our dwelling place

Enosh called on the name of Jehovah, Enoch walked with God, Abraham had a meal with God, and David cared for God’s heart to build the house of God, but no one except Moses could utter such a statement, Jehovah, You have been our dwelling place in all generations. The God Enosh called on, Enoch walked with, Abraham had a meal with, and David built a house for – is actually our dwelling place! Calling on the Lord, walking with Him, having a meal with Him, and building a house for God are very good experiences, but the fullest experience and the highest experience of God is dwelling in God! [continue reading online about the Highest and Fullest Experience of God – taking God as our habitation, our dwelling place!]