Experiencing God as the Great I Am who Exists Forever and Fulfills His Promises

In the Bible, El Shaddai is God’s name for supply and promise, while Jehovah – the great I AM – is God’s name for existence and fulfillment; today we enjoy God not only as El Shaddai but also as Jehovah, the One who fulfills what He has promised. Both the Old and the New Testament […]

Our God is I AM WHO I AM: He is the Self-Existing and Ever-Existing Eternal One

Our God wants us to know who He is, and He wants to be our God and we His people; the most wonderful name of Jehovah God is “I am who I am”, the self-existing and ever-existing eternal One. We all derive our being from Him, we have breath because He simply is, and He […]

The Central Line of the Bible – The Triune God! Our God is One yet Three, He is Triune!

These days we’re enjoying the Central Line of the Bible – the central line of the divine revelation in the Holy Scriptures. Yesterday we saw that the first item in the Central Line of the Bible is the Word of God – the expression, definition, and explanation of God. Today we are enjoying the second […]