Considering what the Lord wants to Do in God’s Move today in this World Situation

Both human history and the history of the church show us that the world situation has been and is an indicator of God’s move on earth, and today as we see the many changes in the world situation, we need to wake up and consider what the Lord wants to do and how these changes […]

We need to Worship God for His Sovereignty and Carry out our Responsibility Today

God is sovereign – His right, authority, power, and position are unlimited and absolute; we need to be in the right position to see His sovereignty, worship God for His sovereignty, and fulfill our responsibility as believers in Christ. It is crucial for us as men and as God-men to see a vision of God’s sovereignty […]

In God’s Sovereignty He Created us as Vessels of Mercy to Contain Him for His Glory

This week in our special fellowship concerning the world situation and the Lord’s move we come to God’s sovereignty, the divine history within the human history, and the world situation and God’s move to spread His recovery. We need to see God’s sovereignty; all the events of the world history have been sovereignly arranged by […]

Everything that Happens to us is Under God’s Sovereignty for our Transformation

In Abraham we see God’s justification, in Isaac we see God’s grace, and in Jacob we see transformation. Abraham lived in fellowship with God and was justified by God, Isaac enjoyed God’s grace throughout his life, and Jacob lived a life under God’s transforming hand for God’s building. God gave Jacob a dream at Bethel, […]

Reigning in Life by Submitting to God’s Authority and by Being Ruled by His Life

God’s desire is to make Himself the same as man is so that man may become the same as God is in life, nature, expression, and function, but not in the Godhead. This means that God wants man to rule with Him and through Him over all things. We need to see that our position […]

Practical Ways to Cooperate with the Lord to Deal with the Passage of the spirit

There is a way to deal with all the impurities and defilement in our being! On the one hand we have Christ in our spirit, and He wants to flow out in a pure way to minister life to others. On the other hand, there are so many problems, defilement, issues, and impurities in our […]