Don’t Commit the Iniquity of the Sanctuary: Let God Initiate the Work and Service

This week in our morning revival we come to a very serious matter – The Need for All Our Service to Be Initiated by God, and today in particular we want the Lord to shine on us that we may be saved from committing the iniquity of the sanctuary in our service to God. In […]

As those who Serve the Lord we need to See that our Service must Originate from God

As those who love the Lord and desire to serve Him, we need to realize that it is God who should be the source and origin of our service and not us; our service must originate from God. We may desire to do many things for God, we may have the ability to carry them […]

Living the Life of a God-man According to the Lord’s Model by Living in the Spirit

The disciples of Christ who followed Him throughout His ministry on earth were discipled by Him through His living, words, and actions. Later, after the Lord died and resurrected, He returned to them as the life-giving Spirit and came into them by breathing Himself into them; now the Spirit of life guides all of Christ’s […]

Knowing and Experiencing God as the God of Abraham: God is our Father, our Source!

The God who chose us, called us, redeemed us, saved us, justified us, and who daily renews us, transforms us, and will eventually glorify us is the God of Abraham, the God of Isaac, and the God of Jacob. He called us to be a particular kind of people, His peculiar possession, His personal treasure, […]

Enjoying God as the Fountain of Living Waters and Helping Others to also Drink Him

Today we need to first enjoy God as the fountain of living waters and then be one with the Lord to encourage and shepherd others to experience and enjoy God as the fountain of living waters. The ministry of life encourages the saints, shepherds them, leads them, and guides them to one thing – to […]

learning from the Lord to take God as the source of blessing and be one with Him

The Lord Jesus as a Man of Prayer set us a pattern for us to follow, and He told us to learn from Him, for He is meek and lowly in heart, and we will find rest for our souls (Matt. 11:29). One situation in which the Lord prayed was the feeding of the 5000 […]

We need to know the crystallized significance of the Body of Christ – the church in the One God and Father of All

We need to know the crystallized significance of the Body of Christ, especially that the church is in God the Father(see 1 Thes. 1:1). Also, when Paul speaks about the church in Ephesians 4, he says in verse 6, One God and Father of all, who is over all and through all and in all. […]