Seeing that Jesus is the Man on the Throne and that We’re being Brought to the Throne

The mysterious thought concerning the relationship between God and man is that God created man in His image, according to His kind, so that He would work Himself into man and make Himself the same as man and make man the same as God until man fully expresses God and represents Him, and there’s a […]

We need to See that we are God-men, Born of God, Possessing God’s Life and Nature

We praise the Lord for the gospel, which is the power of God unto salvation for all those who believe. The gospel is not merely the story of Jesus who came to save us from our sins; the gospel the New Testament preaches is high, deep, and powerful, and it has a highest point. The […]

God Created us in His Image for us to Become God in Life and Nature but not in the Godhead

“I have a dream” – God has a dream, which is revealed in the Bible, and God’s dream is bigger and greater than any of our dreams. God’s dream according to the desire of His heart, is to make man the same as He is in every possible way so that God and man, man […]

God Created Man in His Image and even Became a Man to make Man God in Life and Nature

The Bible is not a “religious book” with many ethical, moral, and philosophical teachings to show us who God is what He wants from man; the Bible is a book that reveals to us what is in God’s heart, and by reading the Bible we find out what is God’s good pleasure. Based on what […]

Man is Becoming God through Transformation by Participating in God’s Divinity

The Bible as the complete and only divine revelation given by God to man is a wonderful book revealing us mainly one thing: the economy of God. If we human beings have our own “economy” (both personally and as families, households, cities, countries, etc), how much more does God have an economy! In His economy […]

As Believers in Christ we are God-men and Every Genuine Christian is a God-man!

Never forget: as a believer in Christ, you are a God-man! We always need to remember this and be in the light of this revelation all the time – we are not only men, but we are men with the divine life, God-men, those who have God in them continually mingling Himself with them! When […]