We Become God’s Expression by Eating, Digesting, and Assimilating God to Live God

The high peak of the divine revelation in the Bible is that God became man to make man God in life, nature, expression, and function, so that God would obtain a corporate expression in the universe in man. Through regeneration we receive the divine life with the divine nature, and daily we are growing in […]

Arriving at the Highest Peak in God’s Economy, the Reality of the Body of Christ

When we speak of a new revival, many believers yearn to have a spiritual revival and awakening, and their concept is that there has to be an emotional stir, an excitement, or something big, but what the Lord desires to gain and what we need today is the inward energizing and revitalisation as a result […]

reaching the high peak of living in the reality of the Body of Christ by praying

What will bring the Lord back is a group of overcomers who live in the reality of the Body of Christ – they live a reproduction and a duplication of the life that the Lord Jesus lived when He was on earth. But where is such a living today on the earth? We can safely […]

we are joined to the Lord as one spirit, and now we live a life in our mingled spirit

Just as the branches in the vine absorb all the riches of the vine and bear fruit, so we as branches in Christ the vine absorb all the riches of Christ! We have been rooted and grounded in Christ, we are one spirit with the Lord, and we need to remain here in this organic union absorbing all the riches of Christ into our being. In this organic union, in this eternal kiss between God and man in our mingled spirit, we are made one with God and we are blended together in life organically to be one spirit! [continue reading online this portion concerning living one spirit with the Lord practically]

as the constituents of the Vital Groups, we are members of Christ, brothers of Christ, and prophets of God!

On the one hand, the first three items of the constituents of the vital groups are the believers in Christ, the disciples of Christ, and the witnesses of Christ. Furthermore, the next 3 items which are that constituents of vital groups are the members of Christ, the brothers of Christ, and the prophets of God. […]