Standing in the Position of Ascension to Pray with Authority and Execute God’s Commands

As believers in Christ and members of the Body of Christ, we need to respond to Christ’s heavenly ministry of intercession by standing in the position of ascension and pray with authority, one with Christ, to execute God’s commands. Our ascended head, Christ, is now in heaven interceding for us, and He as the Spirit […]

Lingering in God’s Presence to See what’s on His Heart and Responding by Interceding

What was the reason for which God came in a human form to visit Abraham, his friend? Was it merely to assure him that him and Sarah will have a son a year from then, at the time of life? After Abraham and his guests had something to eat and drink, he accompanied them on […]

Living in Intimate Fellowship with God Today to be the Friend of God as Abraham was

After passing through a long process, Abraham was prepared and qualified to be the friend of God, one who lives in intimate fellowship with God and one to whom God opens what is on His heart for him to intercede (see Gen. 18). God has something in heart to do and He needs a friend […]