Ezekiel 1 unveils God’s Desire to be Expressed Corporately in Christ and His Body

Ezekiel 1, the deepest chapter in the whole Bible, unveils to us the desire of God’s heart and the purpose He wants to accomplish; in this chapter we see that God obtains a corporate expression of Himself in Christ and His Body, that is, the Man on the throne and the four living creatures on […]

God Himself Operates in us Through His Living Word as we Walk in the Divine Light

In the experience of God’s loving seekers, the word of God is a realm of light. If we have the right attitude toward God when we come to His word, that is, if we come to the word of God as His loving seekers, we will enter into the realm of the divine light, which […]

Being Filled with God, Cooperating with God, and Being Perfected to do God’s Will

The word of God has been completed in its written form in the Bible, but what about our personal experience? Has the word of God been completed in our life? Do we have the central vision of the completing ministry of Paul governing us and restricting us? In Paul’s writings in the New Testament we […]

we are eternally saved, yet we also need to work out our own salvation with fear and trembling

Many Christians think that once we’re saved – once we’re born again – the best thing we can do now is to live a life according to the Bible, be good people, help others get saved, and wait to go into heaven. But the Bible clearly says that YES, we are saved once we believe […]