Let Us Return to the Lord: He will Enliven us, Bind us up, and Restore us!

The aspiration for revival and restoration can be seen everywhere in the Bible, and especially in the Minor Prophets. On the one hand, Habakkuk prayed for revival (Hab. 3:2); on the other hand, Hosea speaks of, Let us return to Jehovah… on the third day He will raise us up and we will live in […]

Christ’s goings forth on the bridge of time to gain God’s dwelling place

Micah 5:2 tells us that Christ’s goings forth are from eternity, from the ancient times. This really shows us that Christ’s incarnation and all the processes He went through were not something planned in a hurry, as a remedial work for the fallen man, or as a last minute thought. No! God has an eternal […]

four things covered in Joel: chastisement, judgement, Christ, and restoration!

The book of Joel is a small book, having only three chapters, but it covers a lot of things. In this short book we can find the four things the Bible and all the Minor Prophets cover – God’s chastisement of His chosen people Israel, God’s punishment of the nations, the manifestation of Christ, and […]

Christ as the last Craftsman will destroy human government and restore the earth

In a very real sense, what we see as human history being developed in the world today is NOT real and it is not the REAL THING. There’s a divine history happening right now within the human history, and we need to ask the Lord to open our eyes to see history the way He […]

God uses “the locusts” to carry out His purpose and fulfill His interest!

Did you see the divine history within the human history? The truth is that the four kinds of locusts mentioned in Joel 1 and which are now operating in the world are way too obvious and outward and all over the place, and this may cause many saints and lovers of Christ to be wearied […]