Living in Intimate Fellowship with God Today to be the Friend of God as Abraham was

After passing through a long process, Abraham was prepared and qualified to be the friend of God, one who lives in intimate fellowship with God and one to whom God opens what is on His heart for him to intercede (see Gen. 18). God has something in heart to do and He needs a friend […]

what is mortal man, that the Lord remembers him, and the son of man, that He visits him?

In Psalms 8 David looked at the heavens and saw the work of God’s fingers – even in the dark night of this world, if you look at the heavens you see the moon and the stars! God created and ordained the moon and the stars to shine even in the darkness – when we […]

God has perfected praise from the mouths of the babes and sucklings(crystallization-study of the Psalms)

Man can fall and man can sin, but man cannot overthrow the perfect will of God! What a statement – though man has fallen and is in a free fall ever since, man can never chage God’s will or overthrow His purpose: God’s purpose will be fulfilled! God desires to have a corporate man in […]