Christ Intercedes for us and Speaks to us to Mend us and Make us His Overcomers

What the Lord desires to gain today is His overcomers. He Himself is the leading overcomer: He overcame and the Father gave Him to sit with Him on the throne. Now He is in us as the leading Overcomer and He wants to produce us also as His overcomers in this age. The mending ministry […]

through the church as the Zion today God will turn the whole earth to Himself

In the local churches and in the proper church life we as God’s servants “take pleasure in her stones” – we learn to take pleasure in all the saints, the stones in God’s building. We all are stones as building materials for the church (1 Pet. 2:5). We should take pleasure in all the members of the church. When we experience the resurrected Christ, we will see more than the natural features of others, and we will treasure all the other stones. Yes, others may have some peculiarities, but Christ as the stone element is in them, and we also have Christ as the stone in us! Praise the Lord for all the stones. [read more online]

the desire of God’s heart is set on Zion with Christ – will you be an overcomer?

The key to becoming an overcomer is to give the Lord the preeminence, the first and best love! Loving the Lord, eating the Lord, and being His testimony (see Rev. 2) go together – this is the key to being an overcomer! We are not the super-giants spiritually (Rev. 3:8), but we have little power and don’t deny His name! It is out of the mouths of babes and sucklings that God has established praise (Psa. 8). Will You be an overcomer? AMEN! Will YOU make this choice? AMEN! Lord, make me an overcomer! [continue reading this sharing inspired from message 3 in the recent training on the Psalms]