Ezekiel 1 unveils God’s Desire to be Expressed Corporately in Christ and His Body

Ezekiel 1, the deepest chapter in the whole Bible, unveils to us the desire of God’s heart and the purpose He wants to accomplish; in this chapter we see that God obtains a corporate expression of Himself in Christ and His Body, that is, the Man on the throne and the four living creatures on […]

daily growing in the divine life by having the element of God being added to us

Whenever we feel weak in our spirit, our mind, or our body toward the things of God, we need to call on the name of the Lord. When we call on the Lord’s name we actually breathe in the divine life, which is Christ as the embodiment of God realized as the Spirit. When we call on the name of the Lord, the entire Triune God is added to us in the Spirit, and we grow with the element of God which is added to us. This is to know God and experience Him in the way of life, daily, even moment by moment. In this way, God grows in us daily – and our Christian life and growth is normal, healthy, and proper. [read more online a sharing inspired from today’s morning revival]

college age conference testimony – seeing a vision of God’s building, the mingling of God and man

Have you ever considered that God has a heart’s desire? This is what’s on His heart, this is what He is after. God’s heart’s desire is to have His building (Exo. 25:8). This building is not a school, a factory, a chapel or some kind of physical building but a group of people who are […]

God’s desire in His economy is to produce many sons to be His expression – we are the sons of God!

In the previous sharing we saw that we are children of God – born of God with the divine life and the divine nature. But as we all know, being children is the initial aspect of our life (in both our human life and our Christian life) – we are daily growing in the divine life […]

God became man to make man God in life and nature but not in the Godhead

There it is: I have repeated what Athanasius said in the 4th century – “He was made man that we might be made God”. This is God’s desire and His intention – to make man the same as He is. God wants to be expressed in a collective way, through many human beings constituted as […]

Christ as our High Priest cares for us in love, but He especially cares for God’s need

In the Old Testament, the High Priest had the names of the tribes of Israel inscribed on the two onyx stones on his shoulders and also on the twelve stones set in the golden breastplate he wore (Exo. 28:9-12). Whenever he went into the Holy of Holies, he brought the people of Israel to God, […]