To Participate in the Recovery of the Church we need to See God’s Eternal Purpose

This week in our morning revival time with the Lord we come to the topic of, The Recovery of the Church, and in particular, Seeing God’s Eternal Purpose concerning the Church and Enlightening all concerning the Economy of the Mystery Hidden in God. In order for us to participate in the recovery of the church, […]

God’s history in eternity past is His preparation to be in union with us

In the Bible we can see the divine history within the human history in many details. Actually, God’s history is our history because He is in union with us. Within the shell of the outward human history there is the divine history. Our living, purposeful, active, and acting God has a history, a biography, and […]

God specifically chose us, sealed us, and now He owns us! (2011 winter school of truth)

Doesn’t it feel good to know that you actually belong to Someone and that Someone actually cares about you very much? I have learned that when we believed in the Lord Jesus, the Spirit of God sealed us: this signifies that God is our owner and that we belong to Him! This can be related to: when a farmer wishes to seal his/her cattle so that the cattle then becomes the farmer’s property; therefore, an ownership is signified by the seal. Similarly, God is our owner and we belong to Him and only to Him! Because we have been sealed, we should bear the image of God and the expression of God. Praise the Lord, we want to SAY NO TO SATAN and SAY YES TO THE LORD! [continue reading this sharing from a sister who recently attended the Winter School of the Truth in London, UK]

being helped in reading the Bible consistently with the brothers by using

These past few months I really enjoyed texting, emailing, or writing on facebook / twitter to remind my companions to read their portion of the Word and update it on the website! I may be at home and the brothers may be in their homes / dorms – but we can pursue the Lord by reading of the Word consistently and regularly! [read more online]

Is Man Good or Evil? How Does the Bible End? What is Truth? (via

One website we warmly recommend for both believers and the new ones / young ones / open ones is the Truth Questions website. You may have a heart for the Lord and you want to preach the gospel to someone, but you may not have a leaflet to leave with them – here it is, […]

the dispensing of the Triune God into the members of the Body of Christ as revealed in Ephesians

What an epistle the book of Ephesians is! Part of the heart of the Bible and speaking from the standpoint of God’s purpose and His economy, the book of Ephesians speaks of God’s economy being accomplished through the exercise of our spirit – for the producing and building up of the church as the Body […]

God’s economy is fully accomplished by the exercise of our mingled spirit (as revealed in Ephesians)

Praise the Lord for God’s economy! The economy of God (His household administration according to His heart’s desire) revealed in the book of Ephesians is accomplished by the exercise of our mingled spirit for the dispensing of the Triune God into us unto the building up of the church as the Body of Christ (1 […]