The Existence of the Church is according to the Eternal Purpose God made in Christ

According to Ephesians, the existence of the church is according to the eternal purpose which God made in Christ Jesus our Lord, for God planned to have from eternity past for eternity future. God has an eternal purpose – the purpose of the ages, which He made in eternity past for eternity future (Eph. 3:11). […]

The Church is the Place of God’s Throne and the Place where He Dwells with His People

We need to see and realise that God desires to have a dwelling place on earth with man, and the goal of His salvation is the building of His dwelling place on earth; the church is the place of God’s throne and the place where He dwells with His people. In Ezekiel 43:1-7 we see […]

Serving God according to the Vision of God and the Pattern Shown on the Mountain

God saved us and is constantly saving us so that we may serve Him, and we need to serve Him not according to our own natural concept but according to the vision of God and of the pattern shown on the mountain, the vision of God’s economy. The experience of the children of Israel in […]

Building the Church according to God’s Plan, “the Pattern Shown on the Mountain”

Though we cannot see God physically with our eyes, if we are pure in heart and have an unveiled face toward the Lord, we can see Him face to face and we can even behold Him and reflect Him like a mirror, and this causes us to be transformed into the same image as the […]

Advancing in our Experience to have a Clear Sky and a Vision of God’s Heart Desire

In Exodus 24:1-18, after Moses has been in the glory of God for forty days being infused with God, receiving words and instructions from Him, God opened His heart to him to reveal to him what was hidden in His heart from eternity – the desire of His heart, the tabernacle, the building of God. […]

Being Separated unto God and Coming to the Mountain to see a Revelation of God

The purpose of God’s calling of Moses was to deliver God’s people out of Egypt and bring them into the land of Canaan where they can become the kingdom of God and build the temple of God. In fulfilling the purpose of God’s calling there were three stations the people of Israel went through: the […]

The Church is the Heart’s Desire of God and the Hidden Mystery in God’s Economy

What is the church? The church is a colossal subject, the content of which is enormous and the thought profound. As human beings we think we know or understand but we’re actually small, helpless, and incapable of apprehending in full what the church is. In the New Testament we see two great mysteries: Christ as […]