The Events of World History are Sovereignly Arranged by God for Him to Fulfill His Purpose

The events of world history have been sovereignly arranged by God for Him to carry out His purpose; therefore, in order for us to have the proper church life, we must know the world situation and be one with the Lord in His move. Throughout the Bible we can see the divine history within the […]

Christ’s incarnation was the beginning of the history of God in man

We are so privileged to live in the New Testament age, the age of grace, where God’s history is IN man, in union with man. In the Old Testament God’s history with man was mainly outwardly, WITH man. You can even say that God’s history with man in the Old Testament was indirect, and was […]

God’s history in eternity past is His preparation to be in union with us

In the Bible we can see the divine history within the human history in many details. Actually, God’s history is our history because He is in union with us. Within the shell of the outward human history there is the divine history. Our living, purposeful, active, and acting God has a history, a biography, and […]