The Events of World History are Sovereignly Arranged by God for Him to Fulfill His Purpose

The events of world history have been sovereignly arranged by God for Him to carry out His purpose; therefore, in order for us to have the proper church life, we must know the world situation and be one with the Lord in His move. Throughout the Bible we can see the divine history within the […]

We need to Cooperate with the Lord through Prayer to Carry out His Move on Earth

The highest cooperation we can render the Lord for His move today is through prayer; we need to cooperate with the Lord through prayer to carry out His move, acting together with the acting God for the accomplishment of His economy (as seen in Acts). First of all, for us to participate in the Lord’s […]

Being Consecrated Ones Expressing Christ for God’s Move to Carry out His Economy

The vision in Ezekiel 1, the deepest chapter in the Bible, is very broad and all-inclusive; it includes the wind, the cloud, the fire, and the electrum, and related to these are the four living creatures – who had high and awesome wheels by their faces, speaking of the Lord’s move. There’s no separate vision […]

The Living Creatures are the means for God’s Manifestation, Move, and Administration

Chapter one of Ezekiel is both deep, profound, and fascinating; the four living creatures, in particular, are very interesting, for with them we see the appearance of a man, and they manifest God’s glory, they are the means for God to move, and they are the means for God to administrate on the throne. The […]

The Lord Conducts a Military Census: we need to Experience Christ as our Redemption

Many people believe in God, and they firmly believe that God is almighty, all-powerful, and He can do anything He wants, not needing our help to do anything. Genesis 1-2 shows us that God created the heavens and the earth, and then He came in to do a work of restoration and further creation; in […]

At the Incense Altar we Pray for the Formation of an Army to Fight for God’s Interest

There is a spiritual relationship between the incense altar (Exo. 30:1-10) and the formation of an army (vv. 11-16). Actually, all throughout Exodus we see that God considers His people as “His armies”: He said He will bring them out according to their armies (Exo. 6:26), and “bring forth My armies, my people” (7:4), “On this […]

Why Prophecies are Important and The Purpose of the Seventy Weeks in Daniel 9

This week in our morning revival we are getting into more prophecies in the book of Daniel – the vision of the seventy weeks and the age of the mystery. Daniel prayed desperately to God requesting of Him to recover the Holy Land and send His people back to rebuild the city of Jerusalem, and […]