Christ’s Death and Resurrection Produced and Built up the Church as His Counterpart

Through Christ’s death and resurrection, God produced and built the church as the counterpart of Christ. Adam and Eve are a picture, a type, of Christ and the church; when Adam was created, he was a type of Christ, and his need for a wife shows the need Christ has for the church. In God’s […]

New Jerusalem is a Corporate God-man, the Consummation of the High Peak of Revelation

The consummation of the central vision of God’s economy and of the high peak of the divine revelation is the New Jerusalem (Rev. 21:2, 9-11); the new Jerusalem is a corporate God-man and the consummation of the high peak of the divine revelation. The central vision of God’s economy is the experience of Christ as […]

Experiencing Christ at the Two Altars to be Incorporated into God as seen in Psa. 84

Psalm 84 is a wonderful and mysterious psalm speaking of the psalmist’s appreciation and longing for the house of God; the two altars are mentioned in particular, as they refer to the leading consummations of the work of the incarnated Triune God for us to be incorporated into God. The psalmist loves the lovely tabernacles […]

What we Experience when we Live in the Divine and Mystical Realm of the Spirit

It is very important what realm we live in. These days we are all praying and looking to the Lord to save so many of these refugees from the Arab world in Europe, and there are many reports on how the Lord is moving, gaining, saving, baptizing, and bringing them into the church life so […]

Seeing how the Entire Bible is a Divine Romance and Giving Ourselves to Love the Lord

“The entire Bible is a divine romance, a record of how God courts His chosen people and eventually marries them.” – this is what the Bible is all about. Beginning from Genesis 2 where we see that God says, It is not good for man to be alone (and by this He referred to Himself, […]

Practicing Being One Spirit with the Lord to Stay in the Process of God’s Salvation

The desire of God’s heart is not only to be worshiped by man but to be one with man and make man one with Him. The only way He can do this is by getting into man as life and being man’s life and person. God created man in His image and with His likeness, […]

are you living in the divine history or merely in the human history?

As believers in Christ and disciples of Jesus, we have been born in the human history through our parents but we have been reborn in the divine history through our regeneration! When we believed into the Lord Jesus, we were re-born, born again, regenerated, into a new creation – we were born into the divine […]