God’s Central Thought and Arrangement are Related to Man, for Man is to Express God

It is very significant that the One sitting on the throne in Ezek. 1 has the likeness of a man and the four living creatures bear the appearance of a man; this shows us that the four living creatures are the corporate expression of the man on the throne (see Ezek. 1:5, 26). Ezekiel 1 […]

Man’s Importance in God’s Purpose: Man is the Means for God’s Glory and God’s Move!

In order for God to fulfill His purpose, He needs a full-grown corporate man through which He can be expressed and represented. Based on the book, The Experience of Life (by Witness Lee) and the ministry of the age, for the next nine weeks we will be getting into a new topic called, Entering into […]

God’s Purpose in Creating a Corporate Man is Fulfilled in Christ and the One New Man!

God did not create “many men” – He created one man, one corporate man, Adam, in which we all are included. If you read Gen. 1:26-28 and 5:2 you will see that God created one man, but this man is corporate, collective, since the pronouns, “them” and “their” are used to refer to the corporate […]

What is the Purpose of God’s Creation of Man in His Image and with a Spirit?

Have you ever wondered, What is God’s purpose in creating man? God is a God of purpose, and nothing He does is accidental or as a reaction to what others do, taking God by surprise. Why did God create man? Some Christians say that God created man because “God wanted to have fellowship with man”, […]

Christ’s goings forth on the bridge of time to gain God’s dwelling place

Micah 5:2 tells us that Christ’s goings forth are from eternity, from the ancient times. This really shows us that Christ’s incarnation and all the processes He went through were not something planned in a hurry, as a remedial work for the fallen man, or as a last minute thought. No! God has an eternal […]

what is mortal man, that the Lord remembers him, and the son of man, that He visits him?

In Psalms 8 David looked at the heavens and saw the work of God’s fingers – even in the dark night of this world, if you look at the heavens you see the moon and the stars! God created and ordained the moon and the stars to shine even in the darkness – when we […]