God Meant It for Good – the Enjoyment, Experience, and Burden behind this Album

With the recent release of the song album, God Meant It for Good, I have had opportunity to share my enjoyment, experience, and burden behind the writing of it. There is a wonderful story behind the album and each of the 12 songs on it that brought me into a further enjoyment of God’s word and the […]

The Central Thought of God and How God Accomplishes His Purpose by His Life

As we enter into a more crystallized study of the book of Genesis in our Holy Word for Morning Revival, we want to be emptied and unloaded in our spirit so that we may receive a fresh revelation from the Lord, and we want to be pure in heart so that we may see this […]

God’s Purpose is to Work Himself Into Our Inward Parts to Make Us His Expression

Our God has one unique work in the whole universe and throughout the ages, which is to work Himself in Christ into His chosen people that He may obtain a corporate expression in humanity. Throughout the generations and both in the Old and the New Testament time, this is the only thing that God desires […]

Paul’s gospel is the complete gospel, including all the aspects of the four gospels

Praise the Lord, the gospel is not about an outward historical Christ but it concerns the Triune God being processed and consummated through Christ’s incarnation, human living, crucifixion, resurrection, and ascension, to become the life-giving, all-inclusive, compounded, indwelling Spirit who mingles Himself with our spirit to accomplish in us God’s purpose in creating man. This is what Paul’s gospel reveals, and his Epistles form the heart of the divine revelation in the New Testament, the center of the New Testament. [continue reading this portion of enjoyment online + add your comment to it]

Life is the way to fulfill God’s purpose; the Lord’s recovery is a recovery of truth and life

If we lose the truth and life in the Word of God we lose everything, and all is left is what Christianity has in general today: human organization, methods, good teachings, outward things, a social gathering, and a feel-good gospel. But we need to see that today the Lord’s recovery is a recovery of the truth and life! This is what the Lord desires – He wants the church to know Him as truth and receive Him as life! The content of the church should be the increase and the growth of Christ in us as truth and life.

God’s name is excellent in all the earth because Christ fulfills God’s purpose through the Body!

This week in the morning revival we are getting into Psalms 8, where we see The Excellency of Christ! This Psalms shows us that God’s purpose and His plan for man to express Him with His image and to represent Him with His dominion have never changed! In Gen. 1:26 we see God’s purpose in […]

fleeing Egypt and being delivered from the subjective Pharaoh by keeping the feast!(2011 Poland camp)

Thank You Lord for Your speaking during the recent Poland Camp! May Your Words be rooted in our hearts… I am so thankful to the Lord that I had the privilege to be at the Poland camp this year – to see the younger ones and even the older ones to be enlightened through the Lord’s […]