Aligning our Being with God to See Visions of God in Spirit under an Opened Heaven

As believers in Christ we need to be those who have an opened heaven, be in our spirit, and see visions of God, that is, see divine, spiritual, heavenly visions, so that we may be one with God on earth for Him to accomplish what He desires to accomplish. Ezekiel was such a person; he […]

The Impact of Seeing the Heavenly Vision and Having it Wrought into our Being

Every believer in Christ needs to see the heavenly vision, the vision of God’s economy, and this vision needs to govern, inspire, motivate, energize, and control his living. We believers are human beings just like the rest, but we have seen something of the God of glory appearing to us – we have seen God’s […]

Seeing the Governing Vision in the Bible, the Vision of God’s Economy, Changes Us

The whole Bible is written and composed according to a governing vision, which is the vision of God’s economy. The governing vision in the word of God is the vision of God’s economy. This vision has been hidden throughout the ages in God, but He revealed it to His holy apostles and prophets in spirit […]

The Governing Vision of the Bible and the Kernel of the Divine Revelation

Many Christians read the Bible and they find a lot of things in the Bible. But have you ever wondered or have you ever asked the Lord in your time with Him in the Word, Lord, what is the governing vision in the Bible? Lord, what is the kernel of the divine revelation in the word […]

for us to have a vision, we need revelation, light, and sight! Also, an open spirit! (university training)

Oh Lord Jesus! I enjoyed the whole University Training! But one of my top enjoyments throughout the week was the message given on “The Vision and The Ministry of The Age”. I really enjoyed that in every age there is a vision of that age and we need to serve God according to the vision […]

The Crucial Elements of the Bible – Christ, the Spirit, Life, and the Church!

What are the most crucial elements of the Bible? The Bible must have some crucial elements – some important elements without which the Bible can be “an empty shell”. Just like a nut has a shell, the meat, and the kernel, so the Bible has a kernel which needs to be discovered and known in […]