In the Church Life we Take the Lead to be Headed up in Christ by Growing in Life

God’s eternal purpose is to head up all things in Christ through the church, and we as the church need to take the lead to be headed up in Christ, so that through the church God will be able to head up all things in Christ. In this universe there was a universal rebellion which […]

Direction of the Lord’s Move is to Bring in the Kingdom of God as the Spreading of God’s Life

The direction of the Lord’s move is to build up the Body of Christ, to prepare the bride of Christ, and to bring in the kingdom of God as the spreading of the divine life for God’s eternal administration. Some may say that knowing and practicing the God-ordained way to meet and to serve may […]

The Saving Life of Christ Accomplishes the Organic Goal of God’s Dynamic Salvation

The righteous shall have life and live by faith (Rom. 1:17) – the righteousness of God is the procedure of God’s salvation judicially, the life of Christ is the purpose of God’s salvation organically, and the faith of the believers is the substantiation of God’s salvation practically. The gospel of God has a solid structure: […]

Seeing, Praying for, and Becoming the Temple of God in the Divine and Mystical Realm

As believers in Christ, we are learning to live our human life by the divine life in our spirit; as we do the things we need to do in our daily living, we practice to daily live in the divine and mystical realm of the consummated Spirit so that Christ may be expressed through us. […]

As the Divine Life Grows in us, the Law of Life Shapes us to the Image of Christ

After the second veil in the tabernacle is the Holy of Holies, in which there was the ark of the covenant (covered in gold on the inside and the outside), in which were the golden pot (that had the manna) and Aaron’s rod (that budded) and the tablets of the covenant (see Heb. 9:3-4). The […]

Life is the Essence of Oneness: we Keep the Oneness by Life, in Life, and with Life

The ground of the church, the genuine ground of oneness, is not merely something outward, that is, the ground of locality in which we live and meet; we need to see that the ground of the church is intrinsically related to life. The Lord doesn’t want us to keep certain forms or outward practices; everything […]

Being willing to Drive out our Natural Life Little by Little by Growing in Christ

God has a purpose, and for the accomplishment of His purpose He made an economy; in His economy God desires to obtain a group of people who are filled and saturated with God to become His expression and representation on earth. In order for God to accomplish His economy, He Himself came and did many […]