God’s Purpose is to have a Building as a Mingling of Himself with His Chosen People

This week in the morning revival we come to the last section of Ezekiel which focuses on God’s building; God’s eternal purpose is to have a building as a mingling of Himself with His chosen people, and all He does on earth is for His building. From the very beginning, when He created man, God […]

Advancing from the Milk of the Word to the Word of Righteousness as the Solid Food

As those who realize that God’s word is our food, we need to advance from the milk of the word (in 1 Pet. 2:2) to the word of righteousness as solid food (in Heb. 5:13-14) so that we may grow in life. As believers in Christ, we have the Spirit with our spirit, and Jesus […]

The Work of the Church today is to bring in the Kingdom of God on the Earth

The gospel of the kingdom is to bring in the kingdom of God, which issues in the church, and the work of the church is to bring in the kingdom of God. The Lord Jesus came not merely to express God and save us from our sins; He came to bring in the kingdom of […]

Pursuing Growth and Maturity in Life, and Having God Built into us and us into God

As those who love the Lord and desire to be part of His overcoming bride, we need to pursue the growth and maturity in life, we need to know the Body, and we need to be built together with the saints in the Triune God as the Body of Christ. The bride of Christ is […]

Growing in Life unto Maturity to be Formed as an Army to Fight the Spiritual Warfare

As believers in Christ we love God, pursue Him, seek to know Him, desire to experience Him in a deeper way, and care more for His interests than for our need. The more time we spend with God, the more we enjoy and experience Christ as the reality of all the furnishings in the tabernacle, […]

At the Incense Altar we Pray for the Formation of an Army to Fight for God’s Interest

There is a spiritual relationship between the incense altar (Exo. 30:1-10) and the formation of an army (vv. 11-16). Actually, all throughout Exodus we see that God considers His people as “His armies”: He said He will bring them out according to their armies (Exo. 6:26), and “bring forth My armies, my people” (7:4), “On this […]

Being God-men with Blessing Hands and Prophesying with Blessing Concerning Others

If you read the story of Jacob in Genesis under the light of God’s clear shining and with the glasses of God’s economy on, you will be very much encouraged concerning your Christian life and church life. Jacob started by doing his best to supplant his brother even from their mother’s womb, and he succeeded […]