Learning how to Speak for the Lord and how to Stop to Listen to God’s Voice daily

As believers in Christ, we are the living creatures learning to coordinate and afford God a way to move on earth; in our coordination and living, we are learning both to speak one with God and to listen to God’s voice, stopping in our fellowship to hear the Lord’s speaking. The four living creatures in […]

Having a Straight Coordination under a Clear Sky, being Hidden under the Lord’s Grace

The four living creatures in Ezekiel 1 are under a clear sky, and they stretch out two of their wings straight to be joined together; as believers in Christ, we need to be in a straight coordination under an open, stable, and expanding sky, and our testimony should be coming from this coordination. It is […]

Having a Clear Sky by having Thorough Fellowship with the Lord and with the Saints

This week in our morning watch / morning revival time with the Lord we come to the clear sky and the throne above it in Ezekiel 1, which is the highest point in our spiritual experience, referring to our uninterrupted fellowship with the Lord with a clear conscience. Are we satisfied with our spiritual condition? […]

loving the Lord by giving Him the first place in our work and in our speaking

To love the Lord with the first love is to give Christ the first place in everything, and this means that we need to give Christ the first place in our work and in our speaking. Even in working for the Lord, we may do something out of ourselves and with a hidden motive to […]

Learning to have a clear sky with a throne set up above it in our experience with the Lord

How much we need to have a clear sky between us and the Lord! Before we were saved, our spiritual sky was dark, cloudy, and even foggy – we couldn’t see God, we could not see the light, and everything was in darkness. But one day the Lord touched us and we repented, we confessed […]