The Church is Built with Resurrection Life and Washed by the Word to be the Bride

As seen in the type of Adam and Eve in Genesis 2 and shown throughout the New Testament, the church comes out of Christ, is built in His resurrection life, and is composed of all the believers in Christ who are being transformed to be the counterpart of Christ, the reproduction of Christ. We may […]

Speaking the Word of God – Christ is the living Word! (sharing from the conference in Portugal)

Based on the recent conference in Portugal with the main subject being, Speaking the Word of God, here is a song written by brother Steve W. that would encapsulate the main points presented in this conference regarding this topic. The tune for this song is the one used for Hymns #882. 1. The speaking God […]

our God desires to have a speaking people (sharing from the conference in Portugal)

God’s desire: The speaking God desires a speaking people. God created man in His image and His likeness so that man can express Him (“image”) and represent Him (“dominion”) (Gen 1:26) by speaking. I never really saw this aspect of speaking to express God and represent Him. I thought it is enough just to live Christ […]