Question on Facebook: what do you love the most in the home meetings of the church?

what do you LOVE the most in the home meetings? What aspect of the home meeting you really enjoy? – here are some responses from what some saints on facebook have shared. You know, the homes are the God-ordained way for us to be – both humanly and spiritually – born, cared for, cherished, nourished, loved, shepherded, raised up, perfected, blended, trained, and even matured. We need the homes – not just the “home meetings”, but the homes of the saints. [read more online a wonderful sharing about the importance and sweetness of the homes in the church life]

Being a Christian Student on the Campus – normal students who enjoy the Lord

When I first hit university, my initial thought was that I also want to be like the serving ones on campus, preaching the gospel, getting into the truth and enjoy the Lord with others 24/7. That was when reality (no pun intended) hit me: How can I be a student and still enjoy the Lord? I cannot just enjoy the Lord because then I fail my exams, and I cannot just study because then I do not enjoy the Lord and I become dry. How do you balance the two?

Being a Christian Student on the Campus – being with the saints imparts LIFE into me!

Being a college student is tiring, stressful, and discouraging at times. On top of that, working and being a student is a challenge at times because I often feel like my time is so limited. Although I feel this way, I always try to be with the saints. Going to the college meetings on Wednesday nights, being in constant fellowship with saints from around the world, going to the home meeting on Friday, and living in the sisters’ house has been such a daily salvation to me

the more we enjoy Christ, the more we become Body-conscious and the more we love the church life!

The more we enjoy Christ, the more we become Body-conscious. In the Body of Christ, Christ is the Head and we are the Body – and Christ is both the Head and the Body, since the Body is of Christ. When we enjoy Christ, when we touch Him in the morning, we actually enjoy Christ […]