Before the Lord Jesus Comes Back, He will Fully Recover the Proper Church Life

This week in our morning revival we come to a very precious and dear matter both to the Lord and to us: the recovery of the church life; He wants to recover the proper church life today! This expression, the church life, is not very common among believers today. On the day we were baptized […]

Christ Builds the Church by Making His Home in our Heart to Constitute us with God

Christ is the only One qualified to build up His church, and he does this by building Himself into our being, that is, by making His home in our heart so that we may be mingled with the Triune God and become a mutual abode with Him. This is what the Bible reveals that God’s […]

The Bible is a Book of Building, and we need to Let Christ Build Himself into us

After God showed the vision of His holy building to Ezekiel, He measured His people by His building, by all the details and features; the entire Bible is a book on building, and for us to build the church we need to let Christ build Himself into us first. It is a life-changing experience to […]

Preparing and Practicing to Prophesy for the Building up of the Church

In Matthew 16:18 the Lord Jesus spoke the greatest prophecy in the Bible, I will build My church. In 1 Corinthians 14:4 the apostle Paul says something amazing, He who prophesies builds up the church. To prophesy is not merely foretelling the future, but mainly to speak for Christ, to speak forth Christ and to […]

Experiencing and Ministering the Eternal Life for the Church to be Full of Life

This week I was really encouraged to see that we, as believers in Christ, not only HAVE the eternal life and MAY experience this life, but we also CAN minister this life to other members of the Body of Christ. First, we as children of God have received the divine life of God through our […]

The Visions in the Scriptures are Related to God’s Building, which is the Church

In relation to the church we need to have a clear vision of what the church is, we need to see what is the practice of the church, and we need to give ourselves to the Lord for the building up of the church. The church as the Body of Christ is an organic entity, […]

Today God is Doing only One Thing in this Universe: Building His Eternal Habitation

In this universe today God is doing only one work: He is building His eternal habitation. In the past, God carried out the work of creation (in six days He created the heavens and the earth, see Genesis 1-2) and the work of salvation (in 33.5 years Christ accomplished redemption and brought in salvation, see […]