Having the Outflow of Life by being One with Christ in His Life-Releasing Death

As believers in Christ, we must always remember that our service to Him should be God’s flowing out to supply others with the divine life (see John 7:37-39); for this, we need to be one with Christ in His life-releasing death so that His life would flow through us. Serving God is not something we […]

Laying our Hands on Christ as our Burnt Offering to be Identified with Him and Live Him

In looking into the matter of consecration we need to see that, no matter how much we love the Lord and pursue Him, we are NOT absolute for God and we are NOT fully consecrated to Him. There is only ONE Person that ever lived a life of being absolute for God and His purpose, […]

Being Identified with Christ in His Death and Resurrection to Live the Church Life

Due to the fact that Abraham was short of faith in believing God concerning the promise of the land, God entered into a covenant with him to strengthen his faith. He instructed Abraham to get three cattle and two birds and slaughter / cut the cattle but leave the birds alive. Whenever someone offered something […]

being identified with Christ to dwell in God and see the extension of our days

There are so many wonderful things that we enjoy when we are in this sweet identification with Christ! Psalm 91 speaks of Christ, the One who lived a life fully one with the Father and took God as His dwelling place. In identification with Christ, we also are under the keeping care of the angels, and we tread upon the enemy Satan (see Psa. 91:11-13 and Matt. 4:6). The way we defeat Satan, the serpent that poisons God’s people and the lion that devours God’s people is by being identified with Christ! In Christ we overcome the enemy and we tread upon his head. [read more online]

taking God as our dwelling place by abiding in Christ and being in Christ

To take God as our habitation, to take God as our dwelling place, is actually the highest and the fullest experience of God. Everything we are and do is in our dwelling place and for our dwelling place – it is here we live, we eat, we drink, we rest, we have our being, and it is this place that we beautify, we improve, and we love. It is the same with God – in God as our dwelling place we eat God, enjoy God, drink God, and we have our living with all the details of our daily experience IN GOD! We take God as our dwelling place in a practical way by being identified with Christ! [continue reading online]

enjoying the God revealed in Romans, the progressive revelation of God in the book of Romans

These days we’re going through the book of Romans, especially considering the Gospel of God in Romans. In this book we can see a progressive revelation of God – seeing our God in at least 12 aspects related to us/His salvation/His plan. The book of Romans shows us how fallen sinners under God’s condemnation can […]