Eating Christ as the Bread of God’s Presence, God’s Face, to Serve God as Priests

All believers are priests to God, and it is our responsibility as priests to both set up and enjoy the bread of the presence before God. As priests to God and members of the Body of Christ, we need to be built up together with the saints, and in this built-up situation in the church […]

Having a Practical Living in Oneness with the Lord for the Fulfilling of God’s Purpose

Genesis 24 is a long chapter with many details concerning Abraham sending his most trustworthy servant to find a wife for his son Isaac from among Abraham’s relatives. In the spiritual application of this type we see Christ marrying the church – the great mystery, Christ and the church. However, the primary point in Genesis […]

The Church as the Testimony of Jesus is the Firstfruits and the Harvest in Rev. 14

In the book of Revelation we see the consummation of all that God has been doing throughout the ages, and in it we see a revelation of Jesus Christ (the Word of God) and the church (the testimony of Jesus). The church as the testimony of Jesus is first revealed as being the seven golden […]

Seeing the Pattern of the Lord Jesus as a Man of Prayer in the Gospels

For God to accomplish His will, He needs a people on the earth that would pray His will for Him to do it. God doesn’t need only “prayers once in a while, when we remember or when we are reminded by others” – God needs men of prayer. With Daniel as a man of prayer […]

a trainee’s testimony – loving the Lord and building up a romantic relationship with Him

I’m in love with Him, I always loved Him. Yet coming to the training made me doubt my love towards Him. Was my love temporary? Or was it an impulsive decision? Many times, I told myself, this was the greatest mistake that I made in my whole life – to be in the full time training…. A Christian life is a life of believing in the things unseen. We have never seen the Lord – yet we love Him (1 Pet 1:8). In every circumstance, I learned to go to the Lord, confess, repent, weep, and see that I am nothing but Christ is everything. It’s heart-aching, to come to Him and say, Lord, take it away if it’s something that replaces You. I want Thy increase and my decrease. [continue reading online]

letting the mind of Christ saturate our mind and living in the index of the Lord’s eyes

“Let this mind be in you, which was also in Christ Jesus…“(Phil. 2:5) – Christ had a certain frame of mind, a mind of His own, and this mind needs to become our mind. As believers in Christ, we have Christ in our spirit as the indwelling Christ living in us – but we need […]