Loving the Lord and being Washed by His Living Word to be the Counterpart of Christ

This week we are enjoying one of the most wonderful statuses of the church – the church as the counterpart of Christ, the bride of Christ; the work in the Lord’s recovery is His genuine work to prepare His bride. A counterpart is one that closely resembles another; it is one that has the same […]

Contacting the Living Lord to be Infused with Him as Faith and be Perfected in Faith

Our Lord Jesus is the Author of our faith, and He is the Perfecter of our faith; He is the Originator of our faith, and He is the Completer of our faith, and when we look away unto Him, we are infused with Him as faith continually to run the race with endurance and finish […]

It is only when we All are Transformed and Overlaid with God as Gold that are we one

As believers in Christ, we are in the process of transformation so that our natural being is transformed into the image of Christ, and God’s divine nature is constantly overlaying us until we become just like Christ; we’re being transformed and overlaid with God as gold until we’re fully one! The picture of the tabernacle […]

The Inward Teaching of the Anointing adds God to our Being for us to Abide in Him

Praise the Lord, we have the anointing which teaches us all things – and it is true and not a lie, and even it has taught us, let us abide in Him! God became a man, and this God-man became a life-giving Spirit, which Spirit is a compound Spirit, the reality of the holy anointing […]

Being Fully Open to the Lord for Him Shine on us, Expose us, and Infuse us with Life

The golden lampstand in the tabernacle, the house of God, was a piece of furniture designed by God Himself: only God can design such a lamp which bears light and yet looks like a tree, with cups, calyxes, and almond blossoms! The type of the lampstand points to the Triune God: the Father is the […]

A Basic Principle in God’s Economy as seen in Moses’ Enacting the Law as a Covenant

I was impressed to see that God’s intention in decreeing the law is not the same intention in the people of Israel in receiving the law. Three times the people of Israel responded to God with, All that God has said, we will do! – but God did not appreciate it, but rather He was […]

Remaining in the Shining of God’s Face in His Word to be Infused and Glow with God

This week I have been appreciating the rich function of the word of God toward those who love Him. If we love the Lord and seek Him in love when we come to His word, we enjoy the blessing of having the divine light becoming life, we are watered by God and we absorb God, […]