The Glorious Christ in Revelation 1: His Hair is White, His Eyes like a Flame of Fire

In Revelation 1 we see a vision of the glorious Christ in His heavenly ministry as the Son of Man, walking among the lampstands (the local churches), having an amazing appearance. He was clothed with a long garment reaching to the feet (He’s the High Priest), and He was girded about at the breast with […]

Seeing Who the Overcomers are, How are they Produced, and What is the New Jerusalem

This week we are coming to the book of Revelation to see a wonderful revelation of the glorious Christ. The book of Revelation doesn’t merely speak of “the end of the world” and of all kinds of signs and wonders that will happen when God will judge the earth but, as Rev. 1:1 says, it […]

with the Spirit the emphasis is that the Holy Spirit has been compounded to be our bountiful supply!

As we go through the crucial elements of the Bible – which are Christ, the Spirit, life, and the church – we now come to the second element, which is The Spirit. What is the emphasis when we speak about the Spirit? Many believers(and especially the unbelievers) think that the Spirit is a force, a […]