Standing in the Position of Ascension to Pray with Authority and Execute God’s Commands

As believers in Christ and members of the Body of Christ, we need to respond to Christ’s heavenly ministry of intercession by standing in the position of ascension and pray with authority, one with Christ, to execute God’s commands. Our ascended head, Christ, is now in heaven interceding for us, and He as the Spirit […]

Picking up a Burden to Care for People and being Genuinely Interested in them

After we have an adequate contact with the Lord, allow Him to shine on us and expose us, and consecrate ourselves to Him, we need to pick up a burden to care for people and be genuinely interested in them to minister life to them. In order for us to minister life to others for […]

Lingering in God’s Presence to Intercede for Others before Him according to His heart

We may think that serving God involves doing great works for God, laboring day and night, and having no personal freedom or enjoyment. But what we see in the Bible is that our main service to God is our prayer to Him according to His heart and will. Our God is almighty and can do […]

Five Basic Principles of Genuine Intercession Before God as Seen in Genesis 18

God desires to do many things today, and His heart is to save many people, rescue the back-slidden ones, carry out His economy, and accomplish His purpose. However, due to the lack of intercessors God is limited in what He can do. Today God is looking for intercessors, those who know God’s heart, are intimate […]

Knowing Christ as the High Priest in His Heavenly Ministry and Cooperating with Him

Who is this “Melchizedek” and why is Christ a “High Priest according to the order of Melchizedek”? In the Old Testament we see a lot about the priesthood according to the order of Aaron, but what about this Melchizedek? Also, as believers in Christ today, how can we cooperate with our interceding High Priest, Christ […]