God Desires to have Christ and the Church for His Expression and Dominion on Earth

In Genesis 2 we see a picture of Christ and the church in the types of Adam and Eve; God wants not only Christ (as typified by Adam) but also the church – God wants Christ and the church. Christ is the mystery of God, He is the explanation and expression of God, and He […]

Adam and Eve are a Type of Christ and the Church: “It is Not Good for God to Be Alone”

Adam and Eve in Genesis 2 are a type of Christ and the church (see Eph. 5:23-26). The real “man” in the universe is not Adam but Christ – Christ is the real universal Husband who is seeking a wife for Himself. Throughout the Bible we can see how God in Christ is courting man […]

it is not good for God to be alone: He needs the church as His wife(sharing from the yp conference)

“The line of life in Genesis” it was a subject of the conference of the recent Young People’s conference in Lipowiek, Poland. Every book of Bible has its own outline – the outline of Genesis starts like this: “God created, Satan corrupted, man fell, and Jehovah promised to save.” Satan was perfectly beautiful, full of wisdom – […]