We need to Enjoy the Eternal Blessing of the Triune God and the Blessing of Life

Our God is a God of blessing, and in Num. 6 we see the eternal blessing of the Triune God – the threefold blessing of Jehovah to His people, which the dispensing of the Triune God in His Divine Trinity into us for our enjoyment. It is quite astonishing to realize that our God is […]

Jehovah Bless you, Keep you, Shine on You, be Gracious to you, and Give you Peace!

The real blessing is God Himself; blessing is not a thing but a Person – God in Christ as the Spirit to be everything to us for our enjoyment. When Jacob blessed his sons, God blessed them. In Numbers 6:22-27 we see a pattern of blessing – God commanded the priests to bless the people, […]